Adobe Premiere.

A project is a single Premiere file that describes a video program. It stores references to all the clips in that file and contains information about how you arranged the clips. It also includes details of any transitions or effects you applied. You can add and remove clips, organize clips into bins within the project.

Selecting an initial workspace

  • Specifying project settings.
  • When you start a project, review the project settings, which are organized into five categories:

  • General Settings
  • Control the fundamental characteristics of the video program, including the method Premiere uses to process video.

  • Video Settings
  • Control the frame size, picture quality, compression settings, and aspect ratios that Premiere uses when you play back video from the Timeline (the window where you edit your video program).

  • Audio Settings
  • Control the characteristics of audio you play back from the Timeline.
    Control frame-related characteristics when you build (render) and play back video previews from the Timeline. These options work in combination with the Video settings.

  • Capture Settings
  • Control how Premiere transfers video and audio directly from a deck or camera. (Other Project Settings panels do not affect capturing.)

The appropriate settings for your project are usually determined by the current stage of your project. Many video capture cards provide their own presets or recommend project settings for optimal results. For information on comparing and changing settings, Keep the following guidelines in mind as you progress through your project:

• When setting up or editing a project, specify settings that will provide the quality you want when you play back the Timeline. For example, specify project settings that match the requirements of the final program or that temporarily lower the frame rate so that your computer can process edits faster.

• If you are about to use a videotape deck to record directly from the Timeline, specify project settings that represent the final picture quality you want.

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