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AMP is an acronym for Apache (an HTTP Server), MySQL (a relational database) and PHP (a server-side programming platform). These are industrial-strength, open-source software that collectively can be used to develop, deploy and run web applications. Depending on the operating platform, we have:

  • WAMP: Windows-Apache-MySQL-PHP
  • LAMP: Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP
  • MAMP: Mac-Apache-MySQL-PHP

You can choose to install the components individually, or use a bundled software package. For example,

  • Zend Server (@ (for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS).
  • WampServer (@ (Windows only).
  • Easy PHP (@
  • XAMPP (@ (for Linux, Windows, Mac OS).
  • Glossword WAMP (@ (Windows only).

WampServer (@ bundles Apache, MySQL and PHP for Winodws in a single package. It also includes tools such as PhpMyAdmin (a MySQL database administration tool), SQL Buddy (an alternative to PhpMyAdmin), XDebug (a PHP Debugging Tool), WebGrind (a PHP Profiling Tool) Read More....





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