PHP IS A powerful scripting language that fits gracefully into HTML and puts the tools for creating dynamic websites in the hands of the people — even people like me who were too lazy to learn Perl scripting and other complicated backend hoodoo. This tutorial is for the person who understands HTML but doesn’t know much about PHP. One of PHP’s greatest attributes is that it’s a freely distributed open-source language, so there’s all kinds of excellent reference material about it out there, which means that once you understand the basics, it’s easy to find the materials that you need to push your skills.


PHP is a program that gets installed on top of your web server software. It works with versions of Apache, Microsoft IIS and other server software packages. You use PHP by inserting PHP code inside the HTML that makes up your website. When a client (anybody on the web) visits a web page that contains this code, your server executes it. That’s why you need to install your own server in order to test PHP locally — the server is the brain here, not your browser. Users don’t need any special plug-ins or anything to see your PHP in action — it gets to the end user as regular old-fashioned HTML.

PHP is a scripting language, like HTML. That means that code does not need to be compiled before it gets used — it gets processed on the fly as necessary.

So, what kinds of things can PHP do? Welllll … it can:

  • Take info from web-based forms and use it in a million ways (store it in a database, create conditional pages depending on what the forms said, set cookies for later, send e-mail, write your mom on her birthday);
  • Authenticate and track users;
  • Run threaded discussions on your site;
  • Serve different pages to people using different browsers or devices;
  • Publish an entire website using just a single layout template (server-side includes-style);
  • Serve XML pages.

But before we can get to the specific uses of PHP, we need to start with a quick preview of the building blocks of PHP, beginning with a sample script. This example script is titled “chickenman.php.” When called by a web browser, it would simply read, “I am the CHICKEN MAN!” Read More....

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